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The Sugar Cane Museum’s biggest differential is it collection composed of a sugar producing mill, extremely modern for the period of its implantation.

The machinery is European and dates from the 1880’s, covering steam mills , boiling pans , crystallizers, and baggers – brought to Brazil during the monarchy period and preserved until the present days on the original positions within the mill’s production line.

Other historcially relevant objects are the old seeders, fuel pumps, barrels to benefit and purify sugar, container for the transportation of the hard liquor to the porto f Santos, the stamp that identified the sugar bags with the mill’s brand, the workshop’s machinery and even the old clock that used to be at the top of the mill’s tower.

The collection also contains objects that the Biagi Family has acquired and donated to the institute, mostly from mills located in the northeast region of the country, dated of the 16th century, period that representes the beginnings of the sugar production in Brazil.

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